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This is what we call FREEDOM !
October 13, 2011 | 4:12 PM | 0 Blackjack
HEY guys ! Long time no see :)) busy dude . So on eleventh of October , I am officially FREE :) Free from what ? From PMR lahh wehhh . Seriously , serabut time exam :| But still , I miss the moments of the whole year . Unforgettable :|

I just like ur speech Mr.KetuaPengawas :) Ue made me smile and laugh :) And Encik Azizi , senyum mace takdi key cunnn jah , why must show us ur muka strict amattt sepanjang examinations tuhh? And also the way En.Azmi treated us ,You dont know how much we adore you :) Conclusion: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou For every single thing :) *I started missing PMR at the moment I passed by the hall :| This kind of feeling makes me feel sad but still happy yaww :))
 ak like gler status neh . really from my heart :)

so dear kawan-2 , MERDEKA pun merdeka jgk , kewajipan yang lain jgn lupa :) Result belum keluar . Kita baru half-Merdeka [to mee la]
Tapi kan , lepas jer exam tuuhh . ak macam boringg siot gtu . Dont know where to go . makan maggi , balik ghumoh , then ... aikk ... nothing to do :| 
Is this what we call freedom ? It's actually a kind of boredom . 

But today , mmg tak bore langsung . My looveee Kimchi came to my house and we made triffle together than menggila dengan chatting dengan [....] psstt rahsia <#
So far , my freedom is not too good :] 
Mungkin ade yang tengah 'terbang' atas katil atau sdg baring atas katil bace neh dia pkir aku boring kott . Lepas exam sepatot nya buatlah bnda yang sepatotnya eg : bace novel ke , layan tv ker . tp ak xder mood agy stkat neh nx membaca . SERIOUS ! nx update neh pon sbnarnya ade rase malas-2 gituuu . 
Okey , tapi outing kemaren mmg bes xleh blah cuma adelah skett kekurangannya kan . isokey nobody's perfect same goes as; nothing's arranged perfectly :) but still , Happening! I bought a shawl and tought of wearing it to KL soon :)

*dear PMR , pengawasses , candies, teachers, miss ue a LOT ! Love ue ol a LOT ! 


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