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No One Ever Sees , No One feels The Pain ;(
April 8, 2011 | 7:10 PM | 2 Blackjack
. Problems .
- Never Dies -

I keep on smiling . Dunno if they can obviously can see my fake smile .
I've never been like this before .
I was greatly happy and wasn't have any probs before .
Fifteen , a big wave hit me .
At first , I can still stand up . Walk thru . Gain strengths .
Talk to myself "ue can do it ! Never lose hope"
6 months in pains .
I dun think I can stand straight like before .
One day ,
if i fall down to the ground , who will catch me ?
ue ?
I dun think so .
Yes ,
it is true that I have more friends outside there .
But ,
The one that I owe to is ue .
Ur concerns , Ur jokes , Ur mumbles .
Everybody miss them !
Tell me .
Wat is wrong .
I have no idea for wat i've done .
I dun have enouf stength to walk infront of ue .
I'm lack of guts to look into ur eyes .
My mouths keep silent when i c ue .
All those words that i've wanted to say didn't come out as I see ue .
Are my sins are to0 much that ue can forgive me no more ?

Dear problems, I have no mood to care bout ue . But , the more i hide it , the more I can feel the pains . No one can feel the same as i am . The more i want to forget, the more it comes out into my mind . What shud i do ? I tried to run , Then I fall . I woke up , Try to walk briskly , the stone falls me down . The more I tried , The more I FAILED ! My heart shows the words E-R-R-O-R . I cant go through no more .

Dear Allah , guide me . Please dun let me fall down again and again . I'm afraid I can't stand up anymore . O Allah , Give me strengths . Let me be the one like I used to be . AMIN . ;(

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