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February 22, 2011 | 11:08 PM | 0 Blackjack
I hope these tears will stop running someday
Someday after this darkness clears up
I hope the warm sunshine dries these tears
When i feel I'm getting tired of me looking exhausted
I want to give up my dreams that I've kept so up
everytime i feel i'm lacking in many things more than i have
I lost all the strength in my legs and i fell down
Every i hold up by comforting myself 'it'll be alright'
but it makes me afraid little by little
i tell myself to believe myself , but I don't
now i dont know how much longer i can hold out
But wait , it'll come ,
Althiugh the night is soo long , the sun comes up
Someday my painfull heart will get well
I hope it helps me now . I hope God will help me please
I don't have enough courage to overcome this by myself

Someday ~

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