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February 24, 2011 | 7:49 PM | 0 Blackjack
My LoVe is slowly dying in this disease . It hurts a little but i don wanna get better

-- > Eevery single memory is erasing . They are going back to the times when we were strangers . I want to rest now . it is like having played with the fire 4 a very long time . Everything had burned , n only ashes remain . T___T

= > facing ue with a bitter smile , while i said " i'll be pleased " . It hurts a lot !

> Maybe someday i can erase the unpleasent memory . even there's still a scar left by ue . Guide me , Oh ALLAH !

> oonly cold tears will wash ue ~

 >  ijen swipgo shipeo ! i want to rest now ! ;(

I had a dream and it was about you ...
I smiled and recalled the memories we had ...
then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes ... you know why?
Coz in my dream you came 2 me and said goodbye ... :(

Time may take us apart, that's true,
but I will always be there for you.
You're in my heart, you'll be in my dreams,
no matter the miles between.

My Heart Was Taken By You, Broken By You And Now Is In Pieces Because Of You .Now i Know how ' funny ' u are , thank you .

 It's hard to live alone, its hard to choose someone to love, but the hardest part of falling is to admit that you have fallen in lovewith someone you didn't mean to love from the start...

really hard !

my eyes had no more tears to cry .

when ue are alone , i'll be ur shadow , if ue want to cry , i'll be ur shoulder , if ure not happy i'll be ur smile . n if ure alone , i'll be there for ue !

there's no use for ue 2 smile ifront of them while ure crying inside ur heart

i'm tired waiting 4 ue !

Happy Ignorance Day !

without ue , i'm more cooler , so please stay away yaa !

this is a crisis that everyone goes through once , come to ur senses !

I went there wif a bright smile , but dissapointly , I cam home wif a gloom face .

I'm not ignoring ue , i'm just waiting 4 ue 2 talk to me first !

C0pied From Songs / Google !

i will stand silently like a dead man far behind ue . without bothering ue , ue will never know . Farfar away so that ue can forget me , COMPLETELY ,
-2PM I'LL be back !-

when ur cold back turned away from me , it's like time just froze 4 a second . In my white blank mind , i need to send ue away .

living on forgetting ue , crying because i couldnt forget ue ,

I want 2 erase ue , there is ni longer spaces 4 ue , no place for ur return , if u come closer to me , i think i will go further away from ue . Can ue move out of the way now ? I want to throw ue away . Dont try to turn back .


God is at home . It is we who have gone out .

 . i will soothe there i ue fall . i'll be rright there if ue call .

the story that only i didnt know . IU !

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