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This is what we call FREEDOM !
October 13, 2011 | 4:12 PM | 0 Blackjack
HEY guys ! Long time no see :)) busy dude . So on eleventh of October , I am officially FREE :) Free from what ? From PMR lahh wehhh . Seriously , serabut time exam :| But still , I miss the moments of the whole year . Unforgettable :|

I just like ur speech Mr.KetuaPengawas :) Ue made me smile and laugh :) And Encik Azizi , senyum mace takdi key cunnn jah , why must show us ur muka strict amattt sepanjang examinations tuhh? And also the way En.Azmi treated us ,You dont know how much we adore you :) Conclusion: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou For every single thing :) *I started missing PMR at the moment I passed by the hall :| This kind of feeling makes me feel sad but still happy yaww :))
 ak like gler status neh . really from my heart :)

so dear kawan-2 , MERDEKA pun merdeka jgk , kewajipan yang lain jgn lupa :) Result belum keluar . Kita baru half-Merdeka [to mee la]
Tapi kan , lepas jer exam tuuhh . ak macam boringg siot gtu . Dont know where to go . makan maggi , balik ghumoh , then ... aikk ... nothing to do :| 
Is this what we call freedom ? It's actually a kind of boredom . 

But today , mmg tak bore langsung . My looveee Kimchi came to my house and we made triffle together than menggila dengan chatting dengan [....] psstt rahsia <#
So far , my freedom is not too good :] 
Mungkin ade yang tengah 'terbang' atas katil atau sdg baring atas katil bace neh dia pkir aku boring kott . Lepas exam sepatot nya buatlah bnda yang sepatotnya eg : bace novel ke , layan tv ker . tp ak xder mood agy stkat neh nx membaca . SERIOUS ! nx update neh pon sbnarnya ade rase malas-2 gituuu . 
Okey , tapi outing kemaren mmg bes xleh blah cuma adelah skett kekurangannya kan . isokey nobody's perfect same goes as; nothing's arranged perfectly :) but still , Happening! I bought a shawl and tought of wearing it to KL soon :)

*dear PMR , pengawasses , candies, teachers, miss ue a LOT ! Love ue ol a LOT ! 

| Ohoiii Hari Raya |
August 31, 2011 | 9:10 PM | 1 Blackjack
Assalamualaikum [ exhausted ]

so raya Ke-2 @ Merdeka ! PROUD to be MALAYSIAN :)

ohoiii . Penat gilah ai neh ,
Maya punya pasal la neh . uihhh , gere gilak2. erghhhhhh !
Maya,maya . huhu , terok gilak ak kena marah sampai mak ak forbid ak from keluar drpd umah esok tau xx . arap2 esok ak leyh pujuk mak ak , ak na pegi umah fah weyyyy ,
Nak dijadikan cerita , slpas plan tuh hancurr ,
ak suh kaq ak drive straight to umah Aida . itu pun ak kena marah siott. Dahla spupu aku dtg umah ak xsmpat balekkk . huhu ,. from Ganu tuu , jare2 jah mari tuhh .

phtu balik , makan krepek lagi atas kereta . malu dengan asmat . huhu . meme pglman pahit berhari raya kottt. Maya , xleyh g doh la umah mung :(
| sambungan terluka siotttt |
August 28, 2011 | 1:57 AM | 0 Blackjack
so I was awake by a very rase hati yang xsedapp amat . the post before, yang aku amatt marah tuh , [ sape2 yang sempat baca tuh , sempat lah ] akuh terpaksa DELETE bcause, ramek sgt yang terasa . pakat dup tnya jahss. ak pun xsenang . so sng2 ak pun dlete la terrr. senang kira . ak sndiri pun xsmpat nx kopi . buat ape nx kopi bnda yang elok sgt nx dbuat kenangan . so , bagi yang terasa tuh , maaflah terrr,. xdop mksd pun. huhu . sampai ade yang benci aku eah ? huhu . bialah yang tuh ak mlas nx care sgt , oke for ya all punya information , post tuh xde kna mgna yang sekula skali ngan ak skang neh . okeyy . CHILL EVERYBODY,BUKAN NAMANYA HIDUP WITHOUT PROBLEMS . kan3. huhu . ak nx explain gimana agy ? dah phm? huhu . jgn la cpt2 terasa gtu adoiiii . xkesahla, yang pasti ak xtuju buat korangg . and korangg , ak xsebut nm korang tauuuuu .. korang kna la phm2 sndiri korang tuh sape .. okeyy ? jelas ke tak neh ? ak xpndai memujuk org nehhhh.. huuuu . sumpah gila ak terkejut siot p gap, xnx pnjg2 cerita , sng2 , ak ignore lah dulu , small matter . xlah big sgt , huhu . so I think I shoul make this into a privacy blogg coz, kna ceroboh aje gayanya . ngee :D so my electronic diary dah xde mknanya kalo org bleh baca . xbess aa. huhu . salah phm tuh gak , biaselah tuh . okey,

SELAMAT HARI RAYA . tido yawww :)
do it yawww :)
August 22, 2011 | 7:39 AM | 0 Blackjack

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out these questions and make a new note called "ABC About You." Then tag 25 people. If you got tagged by me, you have to take this survey and re-post it!  Don’t forget to tag me because I want to know more about you!

This is mine.
A - AVAILABLE= I’m single but unavailable yaww :P
B - BIRTHDAY= 13th April 96
C- CRUSHING ON= someone :D
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD= sky juice :D
H - HOMETOWN= here :D
I - IN LOVE WITH= myself laa <3
J - JUGGLE = err , not at all , but I know how to throw balls at people ;)
K - KILLED SOMEONE= I really wanna try once it’s too much lah
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE= travelling
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR= Choc ice latte yumm
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS= just 9 . wee~
O - ONE WISH= Could ue please help me ? I wanna fly ! ~
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST= Doha , i dunno y but my friends always ae retarded , I can’t help :P
R- REASON TO SMILE=smile is a cure . mane tawu ad org jatuh cnta ngan kta sbb kta smile se-eklasnya? Suweeet :D
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP= During Ramadhan of course as early as 5.00 am J
V - VEGETABLE=tomato maniac ! “mom, want more tomat pleaseee :D” 
W - WORST HABIT=addicted to Internet and facebook very much !
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD MOST RECENTLY= I’ve neva done before :D 
Y - YOYOS ARE= Kids’ playing stuff

Your favorite number/s= errr . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, (and blablabla)
What color do you wear most= Pink . but I dunt like pink that much :D
Least favorite color=Yellow :D
What are you listening to= the washing machine’s sound ? err =.=’
Are you happy with your life right now= yeah of course , with my very hectic life , PMRians ==’
What is your favorite class in school: ARABIC cool :D
Who is/are your best friend/s= dunno ?
Are you outgoing= after this :d
Favorite pair of shoes= sandals, simple J
Can you dance? = with messy steps . wee~
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth= y not ? i can try ,
Can you whistle= sumtimes , it happen itself .
Cross your eyes= mystery !
Walk with your toes curled=  of course i can . act , I’m not that sure .

Do you believe in life in other planets= hmmm .
Do you believe in miracles= miracles come here so that I can believe in ue :D
Do you believe in magic= NANANA
Love at first sight = aha ,
Do you believe in Santa= nope , but i like him ,
Do you know how to swim= no , L
Do you like roller coasters= VERY DAMN MUCH !
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows=NOT SURE .
Have you ever been on a plane= yeah , obviously cool , :D
Have you ever asked someone out= father, lets go shopping :D
Have you ever been to the oceanp= yes ,
Have you ever painted your nails?: i dun want 2 .
What is the temperature outside?= cool breeze
What radio station do you listen to= era.fm , hot.fm , hitz.fm
What was the last restaurant you ate at?= McD kott?
What was the last thing you bought= Tee Shirt :D
What was the last thing on TV you watched= Stanza Cinta , last nite J

Who was the last person you IM'd?=Kak Ecah long time ago -_-
Who was the last person you took a picture of= myselfff ? :P
Who was the last person you said I love you to= myself ! i <3 myself !


Ever really cried your heart out= rarely.
Ever cried yourself to sleep= no but , i tim , i can try , ahah .
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder= nanana , I malu .
Ever cried over the opposite sex= 4da 1st time , silly tears . aishhh
Do you cry when you get an injury= nonono . I’m tough lol . but when it comes to heart , maybe yess
Do certain songs make you cry? =not rally but sometimes , urrmm , yess 

Are you a happy person?= a very hyper person ;)

What is your current hair color: black


What shirt are you wearing= short sleeves tshirt
Pants= tracksuit
Shoes= bare feeted
Necklaces= no wayyyy . tak minat .allergic uh .

Favorite eye color= dark brown ;)
Short or long hair= short
Height= err , as long as he's taller than me :)

Been to jail= nope ,
Mooned someone= ahah ,
Thought about suicide= nope !
Laughed so hard you cried= ABSOLUTELY
Cried in school = yeah .
Thrown up in a store= NEVAHH
Wanted to be a model= nope
Seen a dead body= yeah .  it makes me damn frightened -_-
Been on drugs= If facebook is drug , then yes :P
Gone skinny dipping= NOPE .
Pepsi or Coke= sky juice please ?
McDonald's or Burger King= can I have nasik lemakk ?
Single or Group Dates= group dates
Chocolate or Vanilla= choc !
Strawberries or Blueberries= Blueberries!
Meat or Veggies= Meat.!
TV or Movie= Movie.!
Guitar or Drums=Guitar!
Adidas or Nike= Nike.!
Chinese or Mexican= neither .

Come on, do it!

-Kinda in heart with light graffiti -
August 13, 2011 | 1:52 PM | 0 Blackjack
hola2 . nice weekend . HAHA .

here is light graffiti . currently in love with light . arts and design. I heart both of them . check this out :

credit to mr aqiff ronnzi for the editing. nice. whoaa ! HAHA . 
keep up the good work .[photographertobe]

and this is of course from google . yaww ! cantekk kan ? haha . okeh2 , dats all, bizi . weee ~

-New Post-
August 10, 2011 | 9:59 PM | 0 Blackjack
"actually ak mlas sgt nx tkan tab new post tp tgn ak neh gtal jgak nx jgak tkan n update blog pdhl aku dah berazam nx tgglkan blogg buat smentara waktu "


"ptg karang ak balik ak nx update blogg akuh!"

" Malas dah aku nx update blogg, kdg2, ak nx update tp ak xtau nx tulis ape.. tp kalo xupdate blogg rase mcm lain jerr. dah la ak gna kelantan pekat dalam blogg aku,tp ape salahnya ? I'm proud to be rakyat Kelantan! "

-blogg's owner-



Dear everybody, Assalamualaikum .

Today many things happened . Sad . Tragic . Hopelesss. Good news . Angry . Hatred . and blablabla. add as ue wish XD

bloggers ;
ary neh, my kawan y pergi Umrah Ziarah dah selamat pulang ke Malaysia and dia dtg ke sek kemaren . Welcome back Wan :) Thanks for the gifts, Thanks for your pray, Thanks for everything.  and this necklace from ue ; love it so much, tengs so much, May Allah bless. 

precious, speechless, thats all I can say . 
<3 pictures credit to nurlin :)

and also, ary neh , PMRians dapat baju PERTIGA . speechless lagi ? haha XD .

and again , problems : =='
my problem is always my result . My result will always be a problem to me . HAHA . 
kalo tggi sgt pom bmbg , tkot down next timwe. 
kalo rndah pon lagi la feel down,
bimbang ms depan jgk . 
So dear Future, be kind . HAHA xD .

everybody, I dont know what to talk about. wahaha .  :P


to somebody-everybody knows who she is- :P

please respect others. Oh I forgot, kau kan mem besar . Scolding others is your job, ue have the right eah? rase macam tuh eah ? uihh, bughuk benar perangainya . Respect others before asking them to respect you. naseb baik ak xemo tadi kalo x ak dah sembur kau habes2. tadi ak mimpi ak sembur kau. waaah, macam bess jer. HAHA . dulu, muka KAU tuh, ade la jgak serinya kan, baik la kononnya. skrg, dah nmpak belang dah. ish3.. harimau dah tnjuk belang beb . takowt tak? haha . NO WAY ! xtakot pon. who do you think you are? since u're mem besar, semua org kena respect KAU ?! MNTAX AMPUN BEBANYAK LA WEYY ! bleh blah dengan Mem besar kau tuh, dgn y innocent brani la kau nx buat hangin, kalo kau nx lawan angin , lawan dengan aku aa wey .tp bek xpyh,, ak dah warned dah neee takok kau terterbang ke utara kannn... so better watch out before aku explode. wahaha .
ape kau igt ak gembira ke mengata kau gni ? ckp2 blakang gni, tp igt mem, kalo mu tak buat kami sakett hati, kami xkn mengata. Manusia, xlepas drpd melakukan kslapn.. tp y ak heran , perangai kau tuh semakin hari semakin membiak. and kamilah preynya. kelas tuh plak kau jadikan habitat kau eah? cantik punya ekosistem . 
gnilah, since bulan RAMADHAN kan, ak xnx lah cari gadoh kan.. hormat aa kan.. and yang aku pelik sbnarnya, yang kau tengking bdak2 tu knp ? mai tengking aku aaa, baru sama padan beb, coward ! MAJOR LOSER ! boleh blahh la, . berani dengan yang lemah , macam semut dpn aku, pdhl blakang ak like a gorilla . uihhh. terok... ak bknnya nx tnjuk brani kan, tp kau xpikir ker, ape kelas kau marah golongan tuh? rase besar sgt lah eah ? mai lawan suara ngan aku aa weyy ! xpdn kau lawan dengan mereka. MENYAMPAH betol buat dosa keringg jer . uiyh.. sabosabosabo. 

and this somebody , I pity ue, please change , ur hipocritism, I hate that , pleaseee .. slowly, we'll accept. May Allah bless tengkingan kau tadi oke. 

this is my blogg, even kalo dia baca neh dia sakit hati ngan aku, I'll bear the consequences . oke, nevamind, I dunt care kalo korang semua kata ak kononnya tough sgt la kan . HAHA . xpe2 , mulut masing2 kannn .

wat else ? wat else ? wat else? HAHA .

When a girl gives up, it's not because she doesn't love you, but because she's tired of getting hurt & feels like you'll never care.

You can pretend who you want to be, but your heart can't pretend on who it truly loves.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were afraid to have & the decisions we waited too long to make.


people, I know nobody's perfect, aku pun macam tuh, at least , ape slhnya kta cuba menjadi yang terbaik yang kita boleh jadi. xslhkan .

oke much love, te ' amour <3

August 8, 2011 | 4:31 PM | 0 Blackjack
Assalamualaikum semua =)

okey2. TRIAL . goodbye, Hoping that PMR gonna be better , Amin . wuuu .
nx kata TRIAL neh killing ? xjgk kan. TAPI !
Silap diri jgk sbb ade matapelajaran y sambalewa jer .. study pon macam xstudy jerr. huuu.. xpow, PMR yeah . xdi periksa BAK,. haha . ak sero po nk suko.. xleyh jwb tadi. huhu.. soklan yang petikan tuh, adoii, susaaaa... waaa~ sejam ak tersekat kat ctuh ,. adoii..

Dear Trial, u're not too kind, Grant me something that worth my effort .

Dear bloggers who's taking PMR and SPM and other important examinations, do the best, ue wont menyesal. huhu.. I wish ue all the best of luck and never forget the one who give us the Rezeki . Remember, jgn lupa dratan plak . okey .

actually, sy mengantuk , owwhh . haha . =.=' . okey, thats all from me , ntah jadi xtau nx tulis hape. huuu.. oke wassalam . and Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak :)
Hayati :)
August 5, 2011 | 11:21 PM | 0 Blackjack
Open our eyes, our heart and our mind.

terima secara positif . :)

Ali : Awak puasa?
Minah : Yela..
Ali : Kenapa awak puasa?
Minah : Bodohnya awak..kan ALLAH suruh puasa, saya puasa la..
Ali : Kenapa tak tutup aurat?
Minah : Eh, suka hati sayala..hak masing2..
Ali : Owh..tp kan ALLAH yg suruh kita tutup aurat....

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya: “Berapa banyak orang yang berpuasa tetapi dia tidak mendapat apa-apa dari puasanya kecuali hanya lapar dan dahaga. [Riwayat Ibnu Majah] .
 Oke guys, see ya :)

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